Why Stay at a Bed and Breakfast When Choosing VacationAccomodations

Travelers are seeking new experiences today. Bed and breakfast trends today are attracting people who want to completely get away from their rushed and busy daily lives. These people prefer to travel far from the city and out into the country.

They prefer to stay where the hospitality is warm and personal. They want quiet and peaceful surroundings. They want to reconnect to the land and nature.

You'll get that and more at the Fish Creek House in Southwest Montana Staying at a Bed and Breakfast is a fantastic experience. You get great food, friendly hosts and an atmosphere you can't find in a traditional hotel. Our top 5 reasons to stay at a Bed and Breakfast are: 1. Exceptionally prepared home cooked breakfasts Like the name suggests a bed and breakfast will serve you breakfast! Most bed and. breakfast owners take great pride in their breakfasts offering a wide variety of dishes to fit your needs or requirements. This may include fresh fruit, hot meals, cereal or other delicious foods.

Make sure you let you host know about any special dietary requirements. At the Fish Creek House, we can accommodate most diets with produce grown in our on site green house 2. Free extras (Internet, DVD, jacuzzi) No more paying for movies! Many B&B's offer DVD players, free Internet access or if you're really lucky a jacuzzi.

Most hotels would require you to pay for each of these separately. A bed and breakfast includes them as part of the experience. What a great way to relax after a long day of sight seeing! 3. Bed and Breakfasts are friendlier Why stay in a hotel room where you are just another customer? Bed and breakfast owners appreciate you.

They want you to have a good time and will make your stay an enjoyable one. Bed and breakfast owners offer you a unique insight into the local community. They can tell you about places to visit, special events, or just offer you the chance to make a new friend.

4. Unique Experiences The bed and breakfast experience is unique. The exist in different locations, and offer different services. For example, some bed and breakfasts offer packages that are not available through a standard hotel chain. Bed and breakfast inns located on a ranch or lake may offer horseback riding or fishing as part of your visit.

Staying at a bed and breakfast may also give you discounts on a round of golf, dinner at restaurant, or nature trips. 5. Comfort and quiet Last but not least a bed and breakfast offers you peace and quiet. No noisy neighbors in the next room, no sounds of water running through the pipes at odd hours, just peace and quiet. If you can, find one that is located in a quiet neighborhood with a garden or a nice view.

You can then spend your days just relaxing and staring out over Fish Creek and the Tobacco Root Mountains or something similar. How do you find a bed and breakfast? There are many bed and breakfast directories on the internet. Some try to cover the whole world while others focus in on their town, or state. Each person looks for a unique bed and breakfast experiance. Use a bed and breakfast directory with a good seach engine to find the one that best fits your needs. On your next vacation stay at a bed and breakfast .

We offer great services,higher quality food and a personal touch that cannot be beat! Let us help you make Montana memories. .

By: Cid Bus

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