tips that can set you on the fast track of being king inthe boss world

A boss is the head of an organization or department in a business. He or she as the case may be is the person in charge of effective functioning and responsible for instituting business plans. Donning the mantle of a great boss is a commitment for life. You need to reach out in every way. The cornerstones to becoming a great leader who people look up to and admire are: 1. To be a visionary and abandon concentrating on nitty gritties to view the "big picture".

You must be able to plan and lead the company to a zenith never reached before. The company mission must include rounded goals, healthy profits, high ideals, and opportunities for employees to scale new heights along with the company. It gives employees a sense of belonging and purpose. 2.

To applaud initiative and accept good ideas from employees giving them due credit. It is important for you to have a drive to take ideas to higher levels of implementation and not just file them away. Most successful companies are built on team effort with everyone contributing their mite. Acknowledge graciously contributions big and small made by employees. 3. Be qualified and competent.

You need to have the talent and curiosity to know how each department functions and where they are right and where they need correction. Must know the art of reining in as well as giving a free run. 4. Have resilience. It is flexibility of mind and action that will allow you to adapt to situations without caving in.

Triumphs and defeats are all a part of business and must be taken in stride. If you encounter a dead end have the courage to review matters and change direction without missing a single beat. 5. Interpersonal skills and the art of communication must be mastered. Work alongside your employees and lend a patient ear.

Brainstorm with the employees you will be surprised to receive good and quick solutions to unsolvable problems. This does not mean you become a door mat. Lead the company with a firm yet kind hand. 6. Lead a team not a silent group lead by one person.

Delegate responsibilities and ensure that they are fulfilled. Be a colleague and place your trust in those who have earned it. For the team to be effective you must recruit quality people. Allow and encourage independence of thought and action provided set goals are met. 7.

Learn effective communication. For an organization to run on oiled wheels internal and external communications must be excellent. Honesty, fair play, and integrity are the keys. Promises made to customers and other business must always be kept and there should be no cloak and dagger practices. 8. Sharpen your instincts to a level that benefits you.

Most business decisions are made on intuition that rises from experience and know how. 9. Be an effective leader.

Motivate the workers and earn their admiration and respect. Decisions must be made timely and effectively. Action should be immediate with no delays or postponement. 10. Be a risk taker and overcome the fear or failure and doubts. Unless calculated risks are taken you will never be able to scale new heights.

Learn from your mistakes and never shy from asking for advice. A good leader is always an excellent mentor. He must not just know the working skills of his employees but some of their personal aspirations as well. A good boss goes beyond leading a business -he becomes a friend, philosopher, and guide not just to his employees but to the business community in general and his country and the whole world in particular. .

By: Paul Wilson

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