The Sunny Northwest Territories

The capital of The Northwest Territories is Yellowknife. It became the capital in 1967. The Northwest Territories are located west of Nunavut, east of Yukon, and north of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. There is a lot of industry mining activity up here. There is an abundance of diamonds, gold, coal, and oil. So most of the towns and cities are booming with industrial activity.

Some of the mines will let you take a tour through the mines, which is an awesome experience.There are eight official languages in the province of The Northwest Territories, which is the most in Canada, they are as follows -Chipewyan -Cree -Dogrib or Tlicho -English -French -Gwich'in -Inuktitut, including Inuktitut proper -Inuvialuktun, Inuinnaqtun.Quick facts about The Northwest Territories -Largest city is Yellowknife -3rd most Land in Canada as a province -Population is 42,944, 11th out of all provinces -12th province Admittance into Confederation -It's in the 5th Time zone.There are many neat things to do in The Northwest Territories, in the summer there is great flyin fishing as well as hunting.

There is so much wildlife up here that you can enjoy nature spotting. Touring the local communities is also very neat, there is a lot of history up here with gold and diamond mines. This province is one of the neatest provinces because in the summer you get so much sunlight that it seems to never go down. So get out and see this province and enjoy true nature at its best.

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