Sights In Bahamas That You Should Not Miss

Taking a vacation in the Bahamas is a dream come true for most people, probably because it does not come cheap. In fact, most can only afford the cruise and a three-day stay especially during peak months in the summer and other holidays. With the costs of cruises, airfare and hotel stays, you need to pack every second of your stay in Bahamas with activities that will make all those dollars worthwhile. Below are some of the sights that you should not leave out in your itinerary.

Visiting the old.When you say Bahamas, you would immediately have this sweeping picture of lush beaches and great sunsets but contrary to popular opinion, there are other sights in the Bahamas that you can visit besides its beach fronts. One of these sights is the Cloisters, a 14th century monastery built by William Randolph Hearst. This is actually one of the four cloisters that have been taken from France and rebuilt on Bahamas.

A great sight to behold, the cloister features a white marble statue called Silence. This was sculpted by renowned US artist Dick Reid. The Cloisters is actually a popular place where couples hold their weddings and anniversaries.

It even has this gazebo that overlooks the Nassau Harbor that is really great in pictures.Another sight that you should not dare miss is the Balcony House located also in Nassau. This 18th century two-storey house is done in pink and has this really great balcony, where it got its name. The house is considered the oldest wooden house in the area and has still kept its old feel and décor. In fact, the elaborate staircase, which is the focal point of the first floor, has been salvaged from a 19th century ship.

Other sights that you should not dare miss are The Retreat and the St. Augustine's Monastery in New Providence. These are great sights that you should include in your photo album. Another sight that you should visit is the Bacardi Distillery or the Commonwealth Brewery, also in the New Providence island.

Fun with Nature.Visitors, especially those with children in tow, will love the Dolphin escapade in Lucaya. Children and visitors can hit the waters and interact with dolphins. Kids will definitely love this part of Bahamas.

Underwater fun can also be experience in Lucaya with the UNEXSO, which stands for Underwater Explorers Society. The place offers short courses on diving where you can explore the underwater gifts of the Bahamas, see corals and ship wrecks as well as interact with Dolphins in the open seas.Another fun activity with nature is a stroll in the Lucayan National Park located in the Grand Bahama Island. Here you will find Indian burial caves that you will find really fascinating.

Caves are also the featured sight in Staniel Cay where the Thunderball grotto can be found. Below this three-storey grotto, you can also find snorkeling and diving areas. Named after the James Bond movie, Thunderball, here you will find the place where they shot some of the boat scenes in the movie.Play the Game.

Tourists should also come and visit the Straw Market in Nassau where you will find the island's two casinos, one in Cable Beach and the other at the Atlantis resort. Visitors are welcome to go there.

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By: Robert Thatcher

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