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Are you dreaming about life on the open road? You want to take your RV to places you've never been before, seeing sights and experiencing events you've only imagined. But there's a major obstacle to your dream: You have to support yourself. Well, the solution is far easier than you ever imagined. There are three simple steps. First, recognize that you don't have to be wealthy or have a sizable monthly retirement income flowing in to follow your dream.

There are literally thousands of jobs out there waiting on you. These jobs can be found in the very places you are dreaming of visiting. You don't have to wait until retirement. You can follow the vagabond RV Lifestyle and support yourself right now. RV campgrounds, whether major chain operators, or small owner-operated campgrounds, always have a need for seasonal workers. Because of the seasonal nature of the work, these employers don't expect you to be there year after year, although if you do a good job, you'll be welcome back for the next season.

The jobs will vary from office work to maintenance, gate attendant, construction, meeting and greeting, and activities you may never have thought of. These employers don't expect you to have a background in campground work. Usually, a willingness to show up and do the work is all that is necessary. Good, dependable workers are highly valued in this industry.

The second step in your pursuit of freedom on the open road is to align your financial requirements to the income you will be earning. The best approach is to totally eliminate debt. Buy a used RV.

Sell most of your junk and either save the money or pay off debt. Finally, you will need to find the job. You can do this by buying any major campground directory and simply calling RV Campgrounds in the area that interests you. A search on the Internet will reveal many employers.

You can also subscribe to publications specializing in seasonal job listings. Most importantly, make the decision. You can pay your way while traveling the open roads and living the life of your dreams. There are thousands of jobs out there. Go for it.


By: William Smith

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