Luau Recipes

Luau food has its origins in traditional Hawaiian culture. These are some food and drink recipes you could try at home for your Luau.Pork with rice is a classic Luau dish.

For the traditional Hawaiian, cooking preparations start early in the morning on the day of the Luau. Large wooden logs are placed in a pit dug in sand and covered with river rocks. The logs are set on fire, and the pig, along with sweet potatoes, is placed on top of the heated rocks and banana leaves. The pit is covered with sand for around 8 hours. It takes that long for the Kalua pig to be ready.Other traditional foods at a Luau are poi, chicken long rice, lomi salmon, haupia or coconut custard, sweet potato, salad, fish, rice and tasty tropical drinks like pineapple daiquiris, mai tais, piña coladas or chi chis with fresh fruit garnishes and tiny umbrellas.

You can add alcohol to these drinks to enliven the mood of the party. The serving table is usually decorated with leafy greens, fruit and vegetables.A Luau meal could have the following menu: Kalua Pig, Poi, Sweet potatoes, Luau or laulau, Lomi salmon, Tropical fruit such as pineapple, mango and papaya, haupia, Mai Tai Drinks.These are some common Luau recipes:.Luau Chicken.This is made by removing the skin and bones from chicken breasts and cutting the chicken into inch long cubes.

Some oil is heated in a large pan and the chicken cubes are sautéed along with garlic, until light brown. Stock is added to this and cooked until chicken is tender. Spinach and coconut milk is added to this and cooked along with the chicken.Long Rice and Chicken.

Long rice is soaked in warm water for almost 30 minutes while boneless skinned chicken is cut into inch-long cubes. These are sautéed with garlic until light brown. Stock, ginger, soy sauce, mushrooms and long rice is added to this and cooked over low heat for 20 minutes or until chicken is tender.

It is served topped with green onion rings.Pickled Onions Hawaiian-Style.A large bell pepper is deseeded and sliced into quarter inch long strips. These strips, along with small whole onions, are placed in a glass jar covered with rice vinegar, water, salt and crushed red pepper to taste. The jar is covered tightly and refrigerated overnight and it is ready to serve.Haupia.

This is made with sugar and cornstarch blended in water and stirred well. This mixture is added to coconut milk and cooked over low heat till the mixture thickens. This thickened dessert is chilled and cut into little squares.

Mai Tai.This classic Hawaiian cocktail is made by filling a large glass with an ounce of light rum, half an ounce of orange Curacao, half an ounce of candy syrup and juice of one fresh lime. The glass is then topped with orange juice and ice. It is served garnished with mint leaves and a pineapple slice.

.Luau provides detailed information about luau, luau decorations, luau invitations, luau music and more.

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By: Elizabeth Morgan

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